Web Site Design and Management

Web Management

Web management ServicesNeed to add a few pages, make some changes or just want some peace of mind?

Once you are one of our clients we take good care of you and throw a few free hours of our time your way as well.

In addition to providing the design and technical services needed to build your web site, we also provide web management services. This is a contractual service based on your need.

Some client's need just a little help to make sure their web site files are backed up properly and that any data bases are backed up regularly. Others may require constant attention for updating web stores, maintaining a video archive, like an online learning web site.

All of our maintenance plans provide you the opportunity to grow your site at a discounted rate. We always give you a few hours free with each option. We know that there are times when you need to add content or make a few changes along the way. We want you to have the flexibility to make sure your site stays up to date and protected. Even if we use up all of your hours, we still trow a few in for free. We want you to be happy with your site and our service.



Management options

These services are available for our web clients. We only support web sites we design. All options include extra hours at no charge. Our base hourly rate is $85.00.

Basic Service (two hours billed for one) - $85.00 per year.

  • Regular file back-up

  • Updating or adding pages to the site

Standard Service - (6 hours billed for 4) - $340.00 per year

  • All of the basic services

  • Database backups once a quarter

  • Off site file and database storage

Customized plan - available for clients that may need a little more along the way